Ad Blames Pop Music For Economic Downturn

Ad Blames Pop Music For Economic Downturn

Rock music mag suggest that the rise of commercial tunes correlates directly with global financial problems.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 1 may 2013

Spain. Portugal. Greece. Countries the world over, including the US, have seen a rise in economic turmoil in recent years, with many nations in some state of recession. The key to solving an economic crisis of this magnitude is discovering what caused it. Guitar Player believes they’ve found the answer.

Guitar Player, a magazine that celebrates all things ‘axe’ related, recently ran a set of print ads that shed some light on the ‘cause’ of global troubles, like the economy and poor fashion trends.

Created by Leo Burnett Tailor Made, the Brazilian branch of the global ad agency, the print ads sassily suggest that the fall in popularity of guitar-led music, i.e. rise in pop music, correlates directly with economic downturns.

Case-in-point: the ad shows a graph with rising popularity lines for Carly Rae Jepsen (misspelled in the ad), One Direction, and Justin Bieber all resulting in a direct decline in the economies of Spain, Portugal, and Greece.


To back up this flawless logic further, a second ad in the series shows that popular songs in 1985 (which all lacked prominent guitar influence) led to unfortunate fashion trends such as the turtleneck and visor.


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