Mini Travel Iron Smoothes Creases On The Go

Mini Travel Iron Smoothes Creases On The Go

Travel accessory that could save you some embarrassment during a date or interview.

Ross Brooks
  • 22 may 2013

There’s nothing more stressful than noticing a flimsy crease, curly lapel or wrinkled tie when heading to a job interview or important presentation. In the past you would have to try and use mind over matter, but now there is a tiny iron that can solve all your problems in an instant.

The palm-sized iron that originates from Japan, is roughly 4 x 2 x 1 inches and powered by batteries that can be recharged using a usb connection. This particular feature means you could keep it on your desk for important meetings, or carry it around with you while on the hunt for a job.


Despite its obvious usefulness, the iron only costs $10 and even comes with a clip attachment that can hold the crease in your trousers or skirt steady while you iron it to perfection.


Mini Travel Iron

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