Final Speakers Announced For PSFK SEATTLE

Final Speakers Announced For PSFK SEATTLE

Tickets are selling out for PSFK's presentation of the creativity emerging in and around Seattle on May 10th. Get yours now!

  • 8 may 2013

On the morning of May 10, PSFK presents a lively conversation around the creativity emerging from in and around Seattle. At PSFK SEATTLE, speakers will present innovative projects that reflect new types of businesses that are being built and fresh ideas in the ways we interact with our cities and our neighbors. Below is the full line up.

Cameron Candell & Kelly Rodriguez. ARCADE Magazine

Kelly and Cameron are members of ARCADE, a Seattle-based nonprofit whose aim is to inspire creative professionals through the power of design   /   @arcadenw


Ann DeOtte Kaufman
Ann DeOtte Kaufman. Founder, Iva Jean

Ann is the founder of Iva Jean, a bike fashion and lifestyle brand in Seattle, Washington. Iva Jean provides functional and fashionable clothing—encouraging women to incorporate cycling into their everyday lives. Their garments are constructed of high quality materials and produced in Seattle, Washington (USA). Iva Jean has been featured in Momentum, Seattle Met, Huffington Post, Fast Company and VeloJoy.   /   @iva_jean


Scott Kendall
Scott Kendall. Founder, Quadstreaker

Scott is the creator of Quadstreaker, a location-based iOS app that creates a colorful, easy to follow visual history of a user’s movement over time. The app divides the world into ‘Quads’—small square units that fill in with colors as users explore new areas—encouraging users to get out of their geography comfort zones and traverse their unfamiliar surroundings.   /   @quadstreaker


Jennifer Stewart ↦ Gage Mitchell
Jennifer Stewart & Gage Mitchell. Modern Species

Jennifer and Gage are the creative minds behind renowned design studio Modern Species, a boutique branding and design studio based out of Seattle. The company specializes in sustainable design solutions for the organic food, beverage, and personal care products industries. Their creative prowess is only matched by their deep-rooted desire to help make the world a better place through the power of design.   /   @ModSpec


Ann DeOtte Kaufman
Julie Dixon. Deputy Director of the Center for Social Impact Communication (CSIC), Georgetown University

Julie investigates the changing ways we interact with and support the significant social issues facing the world today. As a researcher, adjunct professor and director of Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication, she works with hundreds of organizations annually, equipping them to more effectively engage people in their work and to share the compelling stories of their impact.   /   @jdldixon


Ellie Kemery
Ellie & Mike Kemery. Founders, Makerhaus

Ellie and Mike are the Founders of MakerHaus, a studio that fosters a community of creatives by providing access to the latest tools and prototyping equipment in Seattle. Ellie and Mike have given the city of Seattle a unique design space where anybody with a little passion and curiosity can go to bring their ideas to life.   /   @makerhaus


Dr. Nadia Shouraboura
Dr. Nadia Shouraboura. CEO, Hointer

Dr. Nadia Shouraboura is tech entrepreneur and the CEO of Hointer, a company that is reinventing the brick and mortar retail experience by combining innovative in-store mobile applications and POS technology with traditional shopping. Hointer offers men and women a modern shopping experience that is as hassle free as buying online but allows customers to try on clothes before making a purchase. A former Amazon exec, Nadia lives in Seattle with her husband and sixteen year-old daughter.   /   @hointer


Rob Girling
Rob Girling. Co-Founder, Artefact

As a co-founder and principal of Artefact, Rob is responsible for designing exciting products and experiences that inspire positive changes in human behavior. Rob’s design career spans some of the leading agencies and design brands in the world, including Apple, IDEO, Microsoft, and Sony, and touches everything from interaction design experience, to natural user interfaces, motion graphics and 3-D design.   /   @artefactgroup


Kevin Eustice & Andy Hickl
Kevin Eustice & Andy Hickl. A.R.O

Kevin and Andy are the co-founders of A.R.O., Inc, a Paul Allen backed Seattle-area startup that has developed an innovative ambient location tracking smartphone application. Their forthcoming app Saga uses smartphone sensors to enable a new kind of automatic lifelogging, and offer users key insights about their behavior.   /   @arodotcom


This event provides readers and friends with a platform to meet each other and share ideas. We recommend PSFK SEATTLE for creative professionals across all industries. Hope to see some of you there!

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