To improve cyclist and pedestrian safety, Sputnik Zurich has designed a fashionable line of high visibility carry-alls.

In response to the entangled system of urban transportation that many of us navigate daily, designers at Sputnik Zurich have created a line of high visibility bags that are equally safe and fashionable.

Aimed at alerting drivers and traffic of your presence around streets and public transit, the new line of handbags, carry-alls, and backpacks are made from the reflective, neon vests that are commonly worn by construction workers.

Taking not only inspiration but also materials and production capabilities from the city itself, the team at Sputnik Zurich also intends to use on-site building containers around the city of Zurich – where the line will be initially launched. In this way, the design team is hoping to draw greater attention to urban development while also providing locally produced goods. It would be interesting to see if they were able to extend this model to other cities as well.

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