The RoboKeg keeps tabs on beer orders and sends the bill to the customers' mobile phone.

A start-up company is looking to make it easier for beer drinkers to buy a glass of beer in crowded bars or at concerts. The RoboKeg is an automated beer dispenser that can keep track of beer orders and also keep tabs on how much a customer owes.

Developed by tech entrepreneurs Chris Jeane, David Kay, Ed Paulosky and Peter Verrillohe, the RoboKeg is powered by a Raspberry Pi computer and uses near-field communication or NFC technology.

The idea is for customers to wear a wristband that has an NFC chip with their contact info, driver's license and credit card information. RoboKeg scans the chip to ensure the customer's legality. The customer then chooses a drink by pressing a button and the RoboKeg dispenses the drink. The RoboKeg sends the billing to the customer's mobile phone via the wristband chip and the customer can pay for his or her drinks later.

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