Samsung Patents Viewer-Controlled Flexible Television Screen

Samsung Patents Viewer-Controlled Flexible Television Screen

The technology brand is creating a TV display unit that is adjusted by remote control.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 may 2013

It has been revealed that Korea-based technology company Samsung has filed a patent application for a television display unit that users can adjust by remote control to get a better viewing angle. The flexibility of the TV display will be beyond that of the standard HDTV mounted on a stand.


The idea is that the display can bend in different angles and varying degrees to suit the user’s preference. Users can also adjust the images via remote control so that they would match the bending and not come out distorted.

With the remote control, users can select the angle, the part that is going to be bent, the direction of the bend, and a bending degree. Remote controls will transmit this data via infrared or Bluetooth technology. The controller will also have menus and command keys for selecting these data.

Samsung filed its patent application last year and it is still unclear when this product will be out in the market.



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