Morning Cup Of Coffee Comes With Plantable Seed Packs

Morning Cup Of Coffee Comes With Plantable Seed Packs

Seedtabs partners with locals cafes to give java drinkers a way to plant flowers on their daily commute.

Ross Brooks
  • 16 may 2013

SeedTabs is a company that believes planting seeds should be as easy as drinking a cup of coffee – which is exactly why they’ve come up with the idea to create an association between the two.

The company is encouraging coffee shops to start stocking the seeds as an add-on to their cups of coffee. That way when people are making their way to work sipping their coffee – they can also throw a handful of seeds anywhere they think will support life. This sustained efforts by thousands of coffee drinkers could lead to greener surroundings, maybe even herbs and vegetables available along the same street you take back from work.


Each Seedtab contains enough seeds to sprout 1 square meter or 10 individual plant pots. You can also sign up your favorite local cafe to receive a free display of SeedTabs to help encourage the movement.


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