Helpers Guide Texters Through City Streets

Helpers Guide Texters Through City Streets

Prank collective Improv Everywhere helped NYC residents tweet and walk without being hit by a yellow cab.

Emma Hutchings
  • 3 may 2013

New York City-based prank collective Improv Everywhere recently pulled off a stunt where they posed as city workers providing a solution to the texting and walking epidemic in the city. Half of their team of sixty put on orange vests and became “Seeing Eye People” who claimed to be part of a Department of Transportation pilot program.

Seeing Eye People Help New Yorkers Walk And Text Safely

The other half walked along texting while attached to the Seeing Eye People by leashes. They were helped across the street without needing to take their eyes off their phones.

This mission was a collaboration with BuzzFeed and a second version was also staged, where the Seeing Eye People went up to New Yorkers who were texting and walking on the street and offered their services. You can check out the results in the videos below:

Improv Everywhere

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