Phone Changes Shape To Indicate Incoming Calls

Phone Changes Shape To Indicate Incoming Calls

No more missed calls and messages with this futuristic alert system.

Ross Brooks
  • 1 may 2013

Researchers at Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab may have found a new way to make sure you don’t miss any calls – a smart phone that shape shifts whenever you have an incoming call, message or email.

MorePhone has the option to curl it’s entire body up, as well as customisable options such as only one corner curling up for a message, two for an email and so on. There are also options available for the corners to curl repeatedly to indicate urgency.


The screen itself is a thin, flexible, electrophoretic display provided by Plastic Logic. The screen is made of electrophoretic ink suspended between two layers of glass, plastic or paper that act as electrodes. The screen is combined with shape memory alloy wires that are laced into the display – contracting when there is an incoming call.


So while the technology may not be fully available for a predicted 5-10 years, it’s good to know that there may soon be new way to receive calls, message and emails on your smartphone.

Human Media Lab


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