Sidewalk Stamp Pad Turns Pedestrians Into Unwitting Artists [Video]

Sidewalk Stamp Pad Turns Pedestrians Into Unwitting Artists [Video]

The Green Pedestrian Crossing was a campaign urging people to walk more and drive less.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 20 may 2013

In 2010, the China Environmental Protection Foundation, with the help of ad agency DDB China, launched a campaign called Green Pedestrian Crossing, which aimed to encourage commuters to walk instead of drive. The campaign was basically a large interactive illustration set on a busy pedestrian crossing.

The organization placed a large white canvass with an illustration of a bare tree on the street. Two sponge cushions that were soaked with eco-friendly washable and quick-dry green paint were then placed on either side of the street. Pedestrians who crossed the street would unavoidably step on the white canvass and leave behind green footprints that became the leaves of the bare tree. As more pedestrians crossed, more green footprints are left on the canvass–causing the tree to bloom.



The campaign was first carried out in seven main streets in Shanghai and then in 132 roads in 15 cities across China later on. The finished print was exhibited at the Shanghai Zheng Da CANART Museum.

See more images below:

Watch the clip below to see how the campaign was executed.

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