Singapore Eco-Hotel Covered Entirely In Greenery

Singapore Eco-Hotel Covered Entirely In Greenery

Environmentally friendly hotel blends into the city landscape.

Ross Brooks
  • 2 may 2013

The PARKROYAL on Pickering is a hotel which teems with plant life and features tropical plants and palm trees throughout its various sky-gardens – even connecting with a surrounding park allowing it to merge seamlessly with it’s surroundings.

Architectural firm WOHA are the minds behind the green hotel who first developed the concept a few years back. The solar-powered sky-gardens – which are the first in Singapore – sit on overhanging platforms at four-floor intervals. Apart from the plants themselves, the hotel uses automatic light, rain and motion sensors in combination with rain harvesting and recycled water to be a powerhouse of environmentally friendly initiatives.


Various places around the hotel feature the use of nature-inspired materials such as light and dark wood, pebbles and water. The 367 rooms use calm colours and natural light to produce a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere for guests during their stay, not to mention excellent views of the city and sky-gardens.

If the hotel design alone wasn’t enough, the fifth floor also sports wellness, fitness and recreational space with an infinity pool overlooking the city, jacuzzi, outdoor terrace and 300-metre walk – it even has a series of colourful birdcage-shaped cabanas to relax in.


So it’s safe to say the designers behind this magnificent hotel were successful in bringing their vision to life, combining rural and urban features in a seamless way, allowing for an outdoor experience in the heart of the city.

PARKROYAL on Pickering

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