Casetop Turns Phone Into An Instant Laptop

Casetop Turns Phone Into An Instant Laptop

The device has an LED backlit LCD screen, full-size keyboard, and built-in 56 Wh battery.

Emma Hutchings
  • 9 may 2013

The Casetop from Livi Design has the power to transform smartphones into mobile offices. The laptop-style device is compatible with any smartphone that has a video out option and Bluetooth, from Apple to HTC, Blackberry 10 to Samsung.

It consists of an 11.1″ glass-covered LED backlit LCD display that supports 720p video playback (with Full HD 1080p as a stretch goal). There is also a full-size 78 key keyboard set in injection-molded polycarbonate.

Casetop Turns Your Smartphone Into An Instant Laptop

The smartphone sits in a sliding support called the frontbar. If someone else wants to use the Casetop, you can just slide their phone in without worrying about deleting files or disrupting personal settings.

A built-in 56 Wh battery powers the device and also charges the smartphone. The Casetop is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and backers can pledge $250 for a white Casetop and two passive frontbars. Check out the campaign video below to find out more:


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