A Social Network For Parking Spots

A Social Network For Parking Spots

ParkTag users can share with friends to help alleviate the hunt for the perfect space.

Daniela Walker
  • 17 may 2013

We use social networking to catch up with old friends, find new ones and share – what we eat, how we feel, what we are doing – so why not use social media to help out your fellow driver? ParkTag is just that, an application that works as social network for people in need of parking spaces.

Every car needs a space to park, and circling neighborhoods can be a tedious affair when time is running short. ParkTag allows people to share available parking spaces that they have just vacated, so that close friends and family members – or anyone you choose to share the information with – knows that you are about to leave the space and can then book themselves as the next occupant.


The app is point-based, so as you tag parking spaces you receive points, and the more points you get, the higher priority you are when you are searching for a place to leave your car.

Founder Silvan Rath told Tech Crunch:

We empower people to form local parking communities. They can trade curbside parking spots so they can save money because they trade curbside rather than going to a garage, for example. And just imagine you have this great parking spot in front of the cafe and somebody else wants to have that spot — so you post it, and somebody else books it and you exchange it in real life. You get to know people through it even. Just imagine all your neighbours [sic] using it, so then you meet your neighbours who you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

ParkTag encourages a community of parkers,  just as AirBnB may encourage a community of travelers. It is space swapping on a very specific level. Says Silvan:

Three hundred million people globally have a parking problem every day and we help them solve it.


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