Easy Social Planner Makes It HardTo Flake Out On Friends [Video]

Easy Social Planner Makes It HardTo Flake Out On Friends [Video]

Ketchup is a new app that helps users get back in touch with old friends.

Yi Chen
  • 1 may 2013

We’ve all made promises to friends to hang out, only for months to go by without actually catching up. Now a new app called Ketchup hopes to change this and make socializing a bit easier when it comes to arranging catchup sessions.

The app allows users to connect with Facebook and choose a friend they wish to do something with. Users can choose from a wide-range of activities, such as coffee, lunch, and even yoga. Each of the pending activities is known as a “ketchup” because it sounds like “catch up.”


When you’ve been sent an invite, you can accept the meetup and it gets added to your “table.” The activity can only be wiped off the table when you check it off as completed, cancel the proposed catchup, or choose to “flake out.”

There’s also a web-based version of the app that allows users to accept invitations even if they don’t have the mobile app. Matt Capucilli, developer of the Ketchup, explained that, “This is a new protocol. It’s a new way of organizing your social behavior. If you don’t want to enter into an agreement to do drinks with someone, then you don’t have to agree with it.”


Watch the video below to see how Ketchup works:


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