Splittable Game Controller Tracks User’s Movements

Splittable Game Controller Tracks User’s Movements

Camera-less motion sensor that works with any device for more true to life play.

Ross Brooks
  • 14 may 2013

Mad Genius Controllers believes it can take on the challenge of bringing Sony’s break-apart DualShock controller to life – using its camera-less sensor technology.

The controller can recognize user movements and mimic them within the game you’re playing. One of the most notable examples is how the controller can be split in two and used to fire a bow and arrow while playing Skyrim.

Four small transmitters mounted around a TV track user’s movements and the company claims it is accurate to 0.254mm (compared with 1mm for the Xbox Kinect). The prototype in the following video uses wires, but the finished version will be a more refined wireless version.


The company plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of the controller and is currently using a Tumblr account to answers questions from those interested in the controller.

Here’s a video of the prototype in action:

Mad Genius Controllers


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