Abstract Steel Sculptures Cast Exact Shadows [Pics]

Abstract Steel Sculptures Cast Exact Shadows [Pics]
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Larry Kagan creates pieces that seem to only resemble trash when the lights are off, but create complete images when illuminated.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 may 2013

Larry Kagan is a New York-based sculptor who creates shadow art using steel and light. When the lights are off, the pieces seem to be abstract art made of scrap metal.

Sculptor Crafts Steel Scraps That Cast Shadow Art [Pics]

However, when the sculptures are illuminated, they cast impressive images on the wall behind them, highlighting the play between individual perspective and illusions. Kagan writes:

We are more or less aware of the presence of shadows, since they tell us something about our environment, but we do not actually look at them – unless they call attention to themselves by some unfamiliar or unexpected behavior. My challenge was to induce viewers to actually look at the shadow rather than solely at the steel. I began shifting more of the narrative burden to shadow. The more content the eyes could detect in the shadow, the more time and attention they would expend on exploring its details…

Click through to view a selection of Kagan’s shadow art:

Larry Kagan


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