Stereo Is Controlled By Phone Movement [Video]

Stereo Is Controlled By Phone Movement [Video]
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By sliding a phone right or left music will start and stop.

Ross Brooks
  • 24 may 2013

Victor Johansson is trying to combine two streams of design – screen-based and object-based – into a device that delivers the flexibility of screens and the tactile experience of tangible interfaces.

The idea was born out of the fact that using a smartphone (digital) with some kind of amplifier (physical) there is often an over complication of controls – more than one volume control, double playback controls and some even being split between the two devices.


His device has three positions for your phone (play, pause and radio) that flashes briefly to let you know what your phone is activating. Otherwise, it has very little in the way of visual cues and combines the physical interactivity of moving your phone with the digital interactivity of the screen on your phone.

Here’s a video of the device at work:

Victor Johansson

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