Rod McLaren creates a revised version of the underground map shows when it is better to walk.

If you're a stranger to a city, it can be difficult to gauge distances – how far is one block? Should I walk or take public transportation? In London, where the serpentine streets sprawl in an unhelpful maze, it always seems easier to take the Tube. But in actual fact, there are many a train stop that are only 500 meters from each other and even a knowing Londoner may hop on for stop without realizing how close they are to their destination.

Rod McLaren took the iconic Transport for London Underground Map and annotated it with ‘walklines' – distances between stops that are under 500 meters. So rather than wasting time fighting the crowds and claustrophobia, you can take a quick stroll and save a little of money as well. The map allows tourist and local alike to get a little bit more physical activity into their day while also seeing a bit of London they would've missed out while underground.

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