Luxury Tailored Suit Blocks Electromagnetic Waves

Luxury Tailored Suit Blocks Electromagnetic Waves

A new way to keep oneself safe from the effects of the invisible byproducts of our devices.

Ross Brooks
  • 8 may 2013

Smuggler is a French brand that have designed the first suit capable of blocking electromagnetic waves from cell phones and other wireless devices – a precaution previously taken only by professionals with high exposure to the waves.

Even though electromagnetic waves have only been described as “possibly carcinogenic” by agencies such as the International Agency for Research on Cancer – it can’t be denied that the number of devices using electromagnetic waves is increasing every day. It’s with this in mind that the French company decided to develop a suit that can block the waves – giving those who are concerned about potential health risks a way to protect themselves.


The suit was developed alongside XLIM Research Institute – using materials previously reserved for professional who were frequently exposed to electromagnetic waves. Non-allergenic nickel, stainless steel and aluminium are interwoven with the thread used to make the suits, resulting in an electromagnetically resistant piece of clothing.

If more conclusive proof emerges about the effects of electromagnetic waves, or enough people become concerned about what electromagnetic waves are doing to us – Smuggler could be the first of many to make this kind of clothing.




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