Travel Site Recommends Flights Based On How Pleasant They Will Be

Travel Site Recommends Flights Based On How Pleasant They Will Be

Look past price and schedule to book a flight you will actually enjoy.

Ross Brooks
  • 14 may 2013

Routehappy is a flight search engine that looks past the best price and aims to help customers find a flight that they are more likely to enjoy – depending on whether they prefer more legroom, better movie options or various other options.


The site has a team of experts that pulls data from around the web – compiling their own database which knows the plane layouts of various airlines, travel times and amenities on-board. Routehappy is the first site to put all of this data in one place, making it easier to search based on comfort factors, not just schedule and price.



All of this data has allowed the company to create a “happiness factor” when searching for flights, ranging from 1-10. Turning the numerous data points they’ve collected into an easily understandable way to choose the most comfortable flight.

The startup is also confident it will encourage airlines to focus on more than just price – especially in light of the continual commoditization of flights. So maybe they can boast about having the latest movies available on their flights, or some other differentiator that makes them more attractive than another, cheaper airline.



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