Travelling Circus Features High Tech Games To Make Science Fun [Video]

Travelling Circus Features High Tech Games To Make Science Fun [Video]

The STEAM Carnival encourages kids to pursue science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 may 2013

A new project called the STEAM Carnival is looking to change how we think about fairs and learning. The STEAM Carnival is a one-of-a-kind traveling circus featuring high tech games designed to get kids interested in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). The carnival promises robots, lasers, and even fire in their interactive games.


The project is created by think tank Two Bit Circus, which includes a few members who were formerly with Syyn Labs, the creative collective behind the bungee jumping car stunt for Chevrolet and the Rube Goldberg music video for the band OK Go.

Two Bit Circus’s vision for the carnival is a state-of-the-art tent affair with contests, food, live entertainment, and advanced games that will encourage learning.

You’ve heard of STEM… but we agree with John Maeda of RISD and MIT that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math aren’t complete without Art. Our culture isn’t doing enough to get kids interested in STEAM. As professional inventors, we rely on these disciplines every day, and want to share our excitement about them with kids young and old. Through years of building and demonstrating fun games we’ve learned no better way to get kids into STEAM than to show them an amazing time. When you say ‘engineering’ to most kids they zone out. But when you say ‘lasers, robots, and fire,’ you have their undivided attention.

According to their intro video, some of the concept games lined up for the carnival include a Milk Bottle Ring Toss with ignition, a Laser Maze Limbo, and a Gesture Controlled Gantry Crane. The group also has a high tech voltage-using version of the popular Show Your Strength carnival game.

The carnival also plans to get kids involved through creative competitions and galleries, and special kits that will help kids make their own STEAM projects.



STEAM Carnival is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and is aiming to open in Los Angeles and then San Francisco in the spring.

Watch this video of the carnival below.

Steam Carnival


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