Travel Booking Site Mimics The Human Travel Agent Experience

Travel Booking Site Mimics The Human Travel Agent Experience

Zaptravel uses semantic search to find a curated holiday experience and the best deals on the internet.

Daniela Walker
  • 8 may 2013

Planning a trip online can be an arduous affair that requires several hours and many tabs simultaneously open on your browser. While the internet has made booking flights and hotels simpler, in a way, it has also made it more complicated because each piece of information has to be found in a different corner of the web. In the good ol’ days, you would tell a travel agent where you wanted to go, and they would take it from there. New website, Zaptravel intends to bring back that personalized service, using semantic searches to drum up the best air and travel deals, all tied up in one neat package.

The homepage opens to a search bar where you can put in your dream vacation in natural words, such as “I want to discover some outdoor and adventure deals in Iberia in April” and the search engine will come back with a list of complete packages, hotel plus flight with a variety of options at affordable prices, as well as a list of things to do in that destination. The focus here is on a curated experience, finding all the necessary bits that make up a vacation and putting it altogether in an easy, digestible way.


Says CEO Andrew Lacey:

We wanted a solution that harked back to travel agents in the pre-internet days: a solution that would listen to a client’s needs and what experience they want to have, and then instantaneously propose great deals that match those requirements.

ZapTravel markets itself as the travel site for when you don’t necessarily know where you want to go or when, you just know that you want to go somewhere. You can search packages by theme (art, beach, food etc), by geographic location or events such as LGBT or music festivals, and be inspired to travel by the options laid out before you.

Having recently launched, the semantic search still needs to be perfected. When we searched for ‘a roadtrip in California’ – a pretty typical American vacation – the site could not find any options other than individual itineraries in LA and San Francisco. Despite its flaws, ZapTravel is still a vital new source for unlocking inspiring travel possibilities and making that dream vacation into a reality.



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