Volkswagen Hatchback Redesigned To Be A Race Car

Volkswagen Hatchback Redesigned To Be A Race Car
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The new Design Vision GTI Golf concept car has 503 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 14 may 2013

Unveiled recently at the 2013 Austrian Wörthersee auto show, Volkswagen’s newest creation is designed to tantalize and tease.

Based on an updated version of the Golf GTI, Volkswagen’s design team unleashed the Design Vision GTI – a super powered speed machine that is built more like a race car than the classic commuter.

Swapping the GTI’s standard turbocharged engine with a twin-turbocharged V6, the Design Vision GTI is capable of going from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds flat. In churning out 503 horsepower, the Volkswagen design team utilized an Audi all-wheel-drive system to handle the 413 pound-feet of torque that is produced by this amped up hatchback. (Volkswagen is the parent company to Audi).

While the mechanical performance in and of itself is enough to make any Volkswagen enthusiast salivate, the team behind the Design Vision GTI as tackled design features inside and out. With a wider base and lowered ride height, the sleek new exterior provides more of a luxury feel than the utilitarian standby is known for.

The interior was also made over with a built-in network and dual display system, providing the times of other drivers on the racetrack, driver lap times, and a circuit map. That’s to say nothing of the carbon fiber-heavy interior that provides that new age sports car feel.

Unfortunately, it’s all speculative. As a concept car, the Design Vision GTI isn’t slated for production. While aspects of the design may be allotted to future models, you’re likely never to see this vehicle on the road. It’s still nice to look at though.


Images from Wired via Volkswagen

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