This travel-sized device creates water vapor from store-bought containers.

Having a humidifier on hand is essential with weather that’s constantly changing from one day to the next, regardless of whether you are staying in one place or traveling. No matter where you are, having a good night’s sleep without drying out is made possible by a new product created by South Korea’s Amazing Grace. Named, Amazing Humidifier the portable device is so convenient because it works by placing it on any bottle of water.

Here’s how this handy humidifier works. The main part fits atop of any water bottle and has a detachable filter that extends down into the water and is powered by a user’s laptop or phone charger, via a USB-to-mini-USB cable. Once fully charged, the humidifier sucks in water through its filter, dispensing vapor at a rate of 30 ml per hour. So for a night’s rest, a 500-ml bottle of water will suffice, and not to worry the humidifier automatically turns off after eight hours of continuous use.

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