Traveling Motorcycle Tests The Security Of Wifi Networks

Traveling Motorcycle Tests The Security Of Wifi Networks

Bike detects Wi-Fi access points and plots them on Google Maps.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 29 may 2013

When you have an IT security professional who also happens to be a motorcycle enthusiast, we can only expect that one day he’ll find a way to marry his two interests. That day has already come for 22-year-old IT security consultant Denis Andzakovic, who created a motorcycle that also doubles as a Wi-Fi security testing machine.

Andzakovic, an avid biker since he was 15, equipped his motorcycle with a Raspberry Pi, a heads-up display (HUD) integrated in a bike helmet, GPS, a laptop, routers, and wireless sniffing and attack tools. The bike can detect Wi-Fi access points as it passes them. It can also plot these access points on Google Maps. The access points are reflected on the display in different colors indicating what type of security they use. The amount of data transmitted between the bike and the access points are also shown in a bar graph at the center of the display.

With the Wi-Fi scanning bike, Andzakovic can kick users off their Wi-Fi networks by sending out ‘deauthentication’ packets, and also hack into protected access points using the data that the bike collected.  Andzakovic intends to use the bike for wireless network penetration tests.

Andzakovic presented the bike at the AusCERT security conference on the Gold Coast.

The Sydney Morning Herald – IT Pro

Image by Ben Grubb and Denis Andzakovic via IT Pro

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