A unique design takes inspiration from the camera obscura to offer a new lighting solution.

Located in a rural area of Paraguay, the Caja Oscura home is windowless and sheathed by a steel box around its 85 square meters. The building plays with properties of light in a masterful way. Architect Javier Corvalán was inspired by the camera obscura, making the house’s modular “cover” manually operated with a hand winch and tips open to a 25 degree angle, creating a shaded porch area and allowing for natural ventilation. Domus describes this unique feature in greater detail:

By inertia, the volume breaks away from its balanced state and opens up to the landscape… In its search for balance – or imbalance – between weights, its design sets out to exploit certain elementary laws of physics that, when suitably harnessed, allow the volume to be opened and closed.

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