Mechanical Wooden Skin Keeps Building Cool

Mechanical Wooden Skin Keeps Building Cool
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Movable membrane for a student housing project controls ventilation and sunlight.

Ross Brooks
  • 15 may 2013

Stephane Malka is an architect who recently put her talent to work on a project focused on reused and found materials. Named AME-LOT – after the road where it’s located – the project uses pallets to create an organic skin for one of the buildings.

This skin is made up entirely of pallets, many of which sit on horizontal hinges, allowing them to expand and contract depending on how much sunlight or ventilation is required. Each of the pallets varies in size, creating an irregular geometric pattern across the wall.


Stephane aims to show the world that current “ecological” efforts often do more harm than good. Including the over-production of materials and eventual commercialisation of a once well-meaning idea. She believes the re-appropriation of materials and reuse of existing objects is the only real way to create sustainable and ecological projects.


Stephane Malka

+Environmental / Green

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