Yves Behar Designs High-Tech Home Lock [Video]

Yves Behar Designs High-Tech Home Lock [Video]

The August Smart Lock is a circular device that fits over an existing lock and can be controlled by an accompanying app.

Emma Hutchings
  • 31 may 2013

The August Smart Lock from designer Yves Behar is a safe and simple keyless system for managing access to your home. The circular device fits over an existing lock, and can be controlled by an accompanying app.

The door can be programmed to auto-unlock when the owner’s phone is close by and they can send invitations to friends to grant them access to their home for varying time periods, no matter where they are. They can give 24/7 access to a family member or enable a cleaning person to enter a couple of hours a week.

Yves Behar’s App-Controlled Lock Alerts Homeowners When Guests Arrive [Video]

A log of who has entered and exited can be viewed remotely, invitations can be sent out with door access included, and messages can be left in a virtual guestbook. LED indicators flash green or red to signal when the door locks and unlocks, along with open/close chimes that signal the status of the lock.

The August Smart Lock will go on sale later this year for $199 and can be reserved online. You can check it out in the video below:


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