10 Top Brand Collaborations With The Art World

10 Top Brand Collaborations With The Art World

Matt W. Moore works with the world's leading companies to create some of his best work.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 10 june 2013

Artist and designer Matt W. Moore draws his artistic inspiration from areas such as board-sports and graffiti. He has developed his signature digital abstract style called ‘Vectorfunk’ that is fuelled by his core values of speed, boldness, DIY work ethic and enthusiasm for collaboration. Moore has gained significant recognition and success in his work with several big brands. His work comprises everything from editorial illustrations for Google to surfboard design for Almond Surfboard and shoe design for Nike.



The beer brand premiered its new club bottle design in Milan as a part of its Heineken Open Design Exploration program. The aluminum bottle glows in blacklight and its classic green star and geometric designs are highlighted in fluorescent shades of blue and green.



The sunglass brand showcased Moore’s stylized geometric design in their “Rare Prints” Wayfarer at a live event at Sunglass Hut in Hearld Square, New York. Moore also developed patterns for the theme and concept of the billboards and mural event.


Coca Cola

Moore worked with ATTIK UK to give his signature spin to the Coca Cola branding graphics for the London 2012 Olympics. He worked on the design and conceptual details of the visual identity system that was then intergrated into Coca Cola’s global campaign.


Wired Magazine

Moore has worked his graphic design magic on the editorial in several Wired issues. He uses his unique Vectorfunk and typography design concepts to create narratives and evocative story lines for the issues.


GNU Snowboards

Leveraging his background in action board sports, Moore designed a set of snowboards for GNU. The boards display his classic freestyle Vectorfunk designs that flow easily across the board.


Almond Surfboards

Moore worked on the concept and design of Almond Surfboard’s limited edition, “The 4 Elements” Longboard Series. The design consists of free flowing geometric circles that embody the ideas of the classic  surfer lifestyle.


Bicycle Design at Chorus Gallery

Moore worked on the MOMENTUM opening in Chorus Gallery in Massachusetts. He hand painted the simple liner design on the bicycle frames, supplied the graphics for t-shirts and personally put together the Mega-Mural for the event.



The footwear brand commisioned Moore to design a whole set of shoes and bags. Moore’s colorful vectorfunk design is a cool surprise under the black exterior of the products.



Moore collaborated with the footwear company’s on the graphics and branding for The Boston Marathon. For the apparel and print media, he illustrated the landscape of Boston including the Charles River, Back Bay and the skyline.



Moore used his vectorfunk style to create the editorial design for Google’s Think Magazine. The concept and design of Moore’s work neatly supplements the innovation precedent set by Google.

Check out Moore’s work here: MWM Graphics.

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