Adidas Spring-Loaded Shoe Launches Runners Forward [Pics]

Adidas Spring-Loaded Shoe Launches Runners Forward [Pics]
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New sneakers modeled after pole vaults give athletes a helping hand on the track.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 june 2013

Adidas is trying to give runners an advantage on the track with these spring-loaded running shoes that are said to give a much higher energy return than your average sports shoe. It’s called the Springblade and it will definitely put a bounce in your step.

Featuring 16 forward angled blades made out of a high-tech polymer, the highly elastic design reacts to any environment, compressing and releasing energy to create an effect that feels like you have springs under your feet – which isn’t far from the truth.

Unlike traditional EVA shoes which provide momentum vertically, these shoes propel the runner forward. The technology was tested by the adidas Innovation Team and is said to be seven times more temperature resistant than other adidas models with a standard insole.


The shoes took six years to develop, they is said to deliver one of the highest energy returns in the industry, having been modelled on variety of explosive objects such as pole vaults and springboards.

Available for both men and women, the shoe is set to be launched on August 1st and will cost around $200 from Foot Locker and other retailer nationwide. Click through the images below to see more angles of the cutting-edge footwear:


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