Unsuspecting Bus Riders Are Photoshopped While They Wait [Video]

Unsuspecting Bus Riders Are Photoshopped While They Wait [Video]

People waiting at a bus stop are photographed and their images altered in a campaign for Adobe.

Ross Brooks
  • 10 june 2013

In support of Adobe’s Creative Days, the company hired the help of a photographer who has a knack for using Photoshop. Erik Johansson used these skills to manipulate pictures of people and place them onto a nearby billboard.


Where there would normally be a poster, the Adobe team set up a video screen that was linked to the computers inside a van. After another photographer took a photo, Johansson was then able to Photoshop the bus riders into various advertisements – often completely changing how they looked:

This particular prank took place in Sweden, but there are plans to do the same in other countries. If you’re interested, you can watch the next event live by signing up at Adobe’s website.

For now though, we recommend you take a look at this video to see one of this year’s most pleasant pranks:

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