The Adventure Supply Kit encourages people to go out and explore sans the gadgets we are so used to.

Design student Mia Johnson wanted to remind people what it is like to forget the high-tech gadgets and the smartphone apps for a while and go back to the basics when it comes to exploring and seeking adventures.

For her thesis project at the University of San Francisco, Johnson came up with the Adventure Supply Kit, a collection of items designed to inspire and delight and guide people on their adventures.

The kit includes items such as draw-your-own-map paper, navigation guides, a compass, constellation charts, a deck of cards, small notebooks and postcards, pencils, a first-aid kit, a plant press, matches, binoculars, a magnifying glass, small jars and built-in compartments to store treasures found along the way. The adventure kit also includes a series of books by famous explorers.

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