Activity Platform Forecasts The Ideal Times To Go Outside

Activity Platform Forecasts The Ideal Times To Go Outside

An app that lets you know when you should or shouldn't do your favorite activities

Ross Brooks
  • 25 june 2013

Bad weather is just one of many variables that can put a stop to your plans for the day, which is exactly why Foresee was created. An app that can help you decide what to do depending on the weather, time of day and activity preferences.

You can tell the app what kinds of things you’re interested in, like kayaking, running, hiking or gardening, as well as what weather conditions you’re willing to put up with for each. This can involve specifying an exact degree of temperature, or how much precipitation is enough to put you off your daily jog.


Based on your specifications, the app will then present you with a list of possibilities for daily activities. There are no notifications based on weather changes yet, but they should be coming in the near future according to creator Nate Dicken.

You can also share these plans with friends using social media, that way they have the opportunity to get involved in your plans if they’re also a fan of kayaking, for example. Dicken also hopes to include a location-based element, making it even easier for people to get together for various activities.

So if you’re struggling with the question “What should I do today?”, this may be the app for you.



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