Artist Attempts To Print Out The Entire Internet

Artist Attempts To Print Out The Entire Internet

A tribute to the late activist Aaron Schwartz involves creating a physical copy of as much of the world wide web as possible.

Ross Brooks
  • 6 june 2013

Artist and the Museum of Modern Art’s first poet laureate Kenneth Goldsmith has rented a 500-square-meter space in Mexico City with 6-meter high ceilings in an attempt to Print Out The Internet.

Goldsmith’s Tumblr asks people from around the world to send whatever they can to Mexico City, whether it’s one sheet of paper or an entire truckload. Inspired by the activist Aaron Schwartz – who committed suicide while awaiting trial for downloading articles from the online library JSTOR – the project aims to spread the idea of open access to information on the internet.

Despite the good intentions, there are also those who believe it is a waste of resources – most notably, paper and money. Some feel so strongly that they have started a petition to try and stop the project.

The project will run from July 26 to August 30, with Goldsmith himself admitting that the chances of printing anywhere close to the entirety of the internet would be an impossible task.

Print Out The Internet

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