Audi Cars Can Pay For Parking Wirelessly

Audi Cars Can Pay For Parking Wirelessly

No more quarters for parking ticket machines with the development of this seamless technology.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 14 june 2013

The premium car company has eased the everyday frustration of car parking with its new “connect wireless payment” that allows you to pay for your parking wirelessly via your car, without the hassle of ticket machines.


Currently, the parking payment’s pilot program is being launched in Audi’s home city of Ingolstadt, Germany where Audi will test the new technology and evaluate its utility in 13,000 cars over the next few months.The car-ticket machine communication is done via a transmitter device installed in the car that communicates with the parking facilities via a radio frequency identification transmitter.


The Ingolstadt Economic Development Agency (IFG Ingolstadt) in partnership with Audi provides this service and will process the wireless payments and debits the car user’s account.

Audi’s parking payment program comes on the heels of its self-driving car that debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Audi showcased its self-driving car that allows the driver to relax while it goes into auto-pilot mode.  The combination of these two innovations could mean the end to car parking frustrations since these cars would be able to park and pay without your presence. Audi believes that the large scale production of these fully capable cars will take about a decade.


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