Sleek Bamboo Vehicle To Bring Car Pollution To A Halt [Pics]

Sleek Bamboo Vehicle To Bring Car Pollution To A Halt [Pics]
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Biodegradable car is hand crafted from natural materials.

Ross Brooks
  • 24 june 2013

Phoenix is a concept car made of bamboo that explores the possibilities of lightweight, sustainable designs for transportation using only natural materials.

A collaborative effort between Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue and German product designer Albrecht Birkner, the car took only 10 days to make, employing the skills of experienced weavers and craftsmen.The design employs an intricate weaving process to simulate a streamlined design that you would find in a car made of metal.


The projects aims to combat the excessive waste caused by disposing of cars every 5-20 years (depending on where you live). By using bamboo, the idea is that the naturally woven skin will biodegrade along with the car. It’s also an attempt to bring back the skill of individuals, instead of relying on a process of faceless automation.

Click through the gallery below to see more images of the new design.

Albrecht Birkner

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