Hotel Restaurant Only Serves One Dish [Pics]

Hotel Restaurant Only Serves One Dish [Pics]

At La Maison de L’entrecôte at the Hotel Indigo in Berlin, the American sirloin steak with a side of fries is the sole meal on offer.

Emma Hutchings
  • 28 june 2013

La Maison de L’entrecôte (literally meaning ‘The House of Sirloin Steak’) in Berlin’s Hotel Indigo serves only one dish, steak with a side of fries. The simple menu has the locals flocking to the establishment.

The restaurant also offers a changing dessert menu and ‘cheese of the week’ to complete the diner’s evening, but the steak remains the star attraction. La Maison de L’entrecôte is dedicated to the sirloin steak, focusing on it’s quality and preparation.

Restaurant At Berlin Hotel Only Serves One Dish [Pics]

The juicy meat is taken from between the ribs and the high-quality beef is purchased from the U.S. The meat is slowly heated before being grilled until crisp, providing perfect cooking levels and super-tender steak.

The restaurant itself features authentic materials like wood, stone and marble, and is divided into sections by bead curtains. A large cow, the mascot for the restaurant, stands outside the entrance, while smaller versions are placed on all the tables. Click through to see pictures of the steakhouse:

La Maison de L’entrecôte


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