Bike-Powered Generator Disguised As Patio Furniture [Video]

Bike-Powered Generator Disguised As Patio Furniture [Video]
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An Instructables member created a generator built from scrap wood and an old treadmill.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 june 2013

An Instructables member who goes by the name KlockworkKevin has built a bike-powered generator that he can simply pack up and convert into an unassuming patio table when not in use.


The generator is made mostly from recycled materials and the inventor used scrap wood for the table cover and pedal generator and an old treadmill that he found on the street for the bike. He purchased a Deep Cycle Marine Battery and a 400-watt inverter, and built a voltager regulator from electrical components from scraps.

KlockworkKevin has built bike generators with broken cordless drills in the past but they were a lot louder than this latest version and required some sort of stand for the bike pegs. Both the issue with the noise and stand were addressed with the new bike generator. In the future, he hopes to include solar panels or a wind turbine generator to his creation.


KlockworkKevin’s bike generator is an entry in Instructables’s Green Design Contest.

You can find the detailed process of how he built the bike generator on Instructables. You can also scroll through images of the build process below.


Watch KlockworkKevin work his bike generator in the clip below.


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