Bitcoin Wallet Keeps Hackers Out

Bitcoin Wallet Keeps Hackers Out

Single-use mini computer plugs into any PC to protect your Bitcoin currency

Ross Brooks
  • 17 june 2013

With Bitcoins becoming more popular – as well as valuable – they are starting to attract a larger fanbase in the form of hackers and thieves. That’s why TREZOR was developed, to keep your currency safe from those who gain access to your computer.

Bitcoin security may be fairly robust in the digital realm, but when it comes to the end-user and their computer, things aren’t quite as secure. All it can take is a simple key-logger for a hacker to gain access to your wallet and disappear with your coins – often with very little chance of being tracked and caught.


TREZOR isn’t a flash-drive, but rather a single-use computer that plugs into your laptop or PC. Any Bitcoin transactions have to be confirmed via the device, before they will be carried out online. It acts much like a card-reader you get from your bank when you want to start making online bank transfers and transactions.

Developed by Marek Palatinus, inventor of the pooled mining concept, and Pavol Rusnak, founder of the Prague hackerspace, as well as an open source enthusiast, there’s a lot of knowledge behind the device.


The device could be the another step towards Bitcoins going from a “geeky” form of payment, to the next mainstream digital currency, easily accessible by all.


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