Publisher Offers Book Recommendations Based On Your Facebook Timeline

Publisher Offers Book Recommendations Based On Your Facebook Timeline

Random House's app seeks to strengthen the publishing industry by tapping into social media communities.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 19 june 2013

Random House launched its Facebook app, BookScout, that links users to books they might like, using the data on their Facebook timelines.

The app takes into consideration your ‘likes’, ‘comments’, ‘tags’ and the general information on your Facebook timelines to predict the books you might enjoy. The nice thing about Random House‘s app is that it recommends in-print books published by other publishing houses like Harper Collins and even the online retail giant, Amazon Publishing.


Random House‘s app seems to be a boon to the declining sales of the publishing industry by moving the book retail space to the forefront of our online social lives. The app is more than just a sales tactic since its primary objective is to bring avid readers together to drive conversations about to-read book lists, thoughts on authors and reader book reviews. Bookscout isn’t the doorway to an online retailer although it does provide links to retailers where users can buy the recommended books.


Bookscout joins other book-lover and recommendation engines like Goodreads, Booklikes and LibraryThing. Random House seems to be harnessing the power of an online book-lover community that could potentially be created on Facebook. Similarly, this year, Amazon bought Goodreads, an entire community of book-lovers who are eager to talk about everything book-related. This trend shows how giant companies like Random House and Amazon are looking to expand their customer bases by finding communities in existing social networking sites like Goodreads and Facebook.

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