British Town Mapped Out As A Zelda Level

British Town Mapped Out As A Zelda Level
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For this year's Switch Fringe festival, the town of Ipswich is recreated as a level in the popular video game.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 21 june 2013

Switch Fringe is a non-profit arts and music festival held in the British town of Ipswich. This year’s program features a full-page map of the town in the form of a Zelda level.

The map, which was designed by local artist The Decibel Kid, includes details about the buildings and each venue of the festival.

The festival was conceived in January 2012 and reimagines Ipswich with ‘an explosion of creative celebration, through innovation in art and music.’  The festival consists of 16 days of music, comedy, art, films, spoken word, workshops, debates, and performances.



Switch Fringe


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