Secluded Hotel Built Into The Side Of A Mountain

Secluded Hotel Built Into The Side Of A Mountain
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Holiday destination in the Vals hills of Switzerland showcases the best in architectural design while highlighting its surrounding natural beauty.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 4 june 2013

Villa Vals, a get-away home built in 2009, is carved into the Vals hill in Switzerland. Located close to the thermal baths of Therme Vals, Villa Vals is a part of a hotel/spa complex that sits atop the natural springs. This holiday getaway for  private clients promises a vacation set in the dream-like settings of beautiful Switzerland, in the magical midst of springs, woods and mountain valleys.

In Vals, the serenity of the mountains is preserved by the thoughtful architecture that gently carves into the hill side, creating a large, circular open-air front yard that offers breathtaking panoramas of the mountain valleys. Earthy building materials like cement walls and warm wood create a whimsical, back-to-nature feel to the house.

Villa Vals’ conceptual design plays on the 21st century architectural desires for innovative simplicity, minimalism, clean lines and open vistas that are sustainable and easily integrated into the natural environment.  Other examples of architecture inspired by nature are Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Fallingwater house that is integrated into a waterfall and Fay JonesThorncrown Chapel, inspired by tree canopies.

The post modern home is a collaboration between Christian Müller Architects (CMA) and SeARCH. Both companies are based in Netherlands and have worked on several high profile architectural projects across Europe. SeARCH received the Green GOOD DesignAward for Villa Vals.

Click through the gallery below for more images of the unique dwelling.

Villa Vals

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