Chewing Gum Video Game Is Controlled By Players’ Mouths [Video]

Chewing Gum Video Game Is Controlled By Players’ Mouths [Video]

Contorting your face into strange shapes is the best way to win this interactive ad released by Stride.

Ross Brooks
  • 21 june 2013

A new motion controlled game from the chewing gum company invites you to enter the world of Gumulon, where you get to play as a strange green helmet-wearing character called Ace. The one catch is that he’s controlled by how you chew your gum.

In your quest to defeat a prehistoric cave beast, you have to stare at your iPhone and chew gum in a variety of different ways to control the hero of the story. If your jaw isn’t up to the job, you’ll be faced with the ironic demise of being eaten by the prehistoric beast – after he applies a little seasoning of course.


There’s no denying this is one of the stranger motion controlled games out there, but it’s certainly original and might be a way to enjoy yourself, albeit in a very private setting.

To see a demo of how to play the game, check out the video below:


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