Artist Hacks City With Clip-On Swing Sets [Pics]

Artist Hacks City With Clip-On Swing Sets [Pics]
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Thor ter Kulve turns ordinary structures into fun interactive objects.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 6 june 2013

Dutch designer Thor ter Kulve is making his name as a street artist who turns unassuming city structures into fun interactive objects.

The designer’s creations show how a few additions to commonplace things like a light pole or a fire hydrant can change those objects into something more fun.

Ter Kulve’s inventions include a custom-made sprinkler mounted on a fire hydrant to turn it into a fountain, a swing that can be clamped to a light pole, a fireplace attached to a trashcan, and a blow-up bulb mounted on a street lantern to diffuse the light in a wider way.


The creations are meant to be temporary. They are set up for a few hours and then removed without damaging the structure it was attached to.

The artist’s goal is to change people’s perceptions while turning public areas into exciting and stimulating spaces.

Scroll through more images of the artist’s creations below.

Thor ter Kulve

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