In a new campaign, the soft drink brand introduces refreshing new packaging.

For countless decades Coca-Cola, has touted that its signature beverage is best consumed ‘ice cold’. With this in mind, a recent ad campaign in Cartagena, Colombia literally drives home this point with the creation of the Coca-Cola Ice Bottle. The ad depicts thirsty beach-goers receiving samples of Coca-Cola but instead of the plastic or glass bottles, the carbonated drink is served in a bottle made from ice.

To keep your hands from getting frost bit while holding the bottle, there’s a red band that doubles as a keepsake bracelet. With summer almost in full swing, this seems like a practical ec0-friendly beach solution because the bottle melts away after use. Even though, Foodbeast raises concerns over hygiene – we think it’s an interesting packaging alternative, and who knows, the summer heat could see a full roll-out of the new ice bottles taking place.

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