Computer Program Generates Flipbooks [Video]

Computer Program Generates Flipbooks [Video]

Artist creates automated illustrations and gives them to people wants to keep in touch with.

Lara Piras
  • 28 june 2013

Masters student Matthias Dörfelt has created a new project titled I Follow which sees a series of flipbooks using computational art portraying an amiable creature chasing a balloon through a landscape.


The books are generated by code and writing bits of javascript that translate each visual element of the scene while a second program guides how the elements are assembled, producing individual stories each time.


Dörfelt explains, ‘I choose a balloon color and a call noise based on the person that will receive each book. The creature, landscape and animation are randomly generated, but imitate my hand drawn marks. This sense of human gesture is amplified by transferring the animation back into the printed form of the flip book.’

Watch the video below to see how the process works:

I Follow

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