Craft Beer: A Hopumentary Featuring Small Batch Brewers

Craft Beer: A Hopumentary Featuring Small Batch Brewers
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This short documentary explores the rise of craft beer makers in San Francisco.

Kyana Gordon
  • 11 june 2013

American beer lovers who seek variety have started brewing their own beers, with a few pioneers eventually going commercial. Thus a new movement in American brewing began, focusing on quality over quantity. A pair of filmmakers created a 15-minute documentary about the San Francisco beer movement aptly titled “Craft Beer: A Hopumentary.” The short film offers an in-depth look at the small batch brewing process, as well as explores the rise of craft brewing from the early 80s to 2012 where during that timeframe the number of breweries increased from 100 to 2,300.

Until fairly recently the beer industry was dominated by large producers – mainly Anheuser-Busch, Miller and Coors, but things shifted in the early 80s when the industry consolidated and there were little more than 100 breweries left in the US. Our favorite fact discovered through the film is craft beer represents 7% of the market, but employs 50% of the employees in the industry.

Craft Beer: A Hopumentary

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