iPad Backpack Helps Cyclists Communicate With Drivers

iPad Backpack Helps Cyclists Communicate With Drivers

Innovative concept design creates a video loop with an Ipad and phone that function like brake lights, turn signals, and a rearview mirror.

Kyana Gordon
  • 24 june 2013

When it comes to cycling, there is nothing as important than the safety of the rider. Designer, Soohun Jung is trying to reinvent how riders communicate with others on the road with her concept design, iBackpack. The convenient bag is a  communication tool that integrates a tablet and smartphone via Bluetooth using a special app. The smartphone can double as a rearview mirror and relays information like break signals, emoticons and messages to the tablet displayed in the backpack.



The built-in transparent window displays the screen of the tablet, signaling to everyone in view when a cyclist will turn right or left. All that is necessary for communication is to swipe a smartphone that is positioned on the bicycle handle bars that triggers a sensor will activate the message. The innovative technology also acts as a ‘smart’ rear view mirror as the area behind the rider is displayed on the user’s smartphone by using the camera on their tablet.



In the same way, a cyclist is also able to indicate slowing down as the speed sensor will relay that information to the iPad so that drivers behind the biker have some insight in the rider’s next moves. This technology could be a worthwhile investment that would make the roads much safer for cyclists and drivers alike.


iPad Backpack

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