Amphitheater Illuminated By Energy From Concertgoers’ Dancing

Amphitheater Illuminated By Energy From Concertgoers’ Dancing
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Futuristic stage radiates light and creates visuals based on how hard you party.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 20 june 2013

This futuristic, interactive stage built for the French EDM festival Nuits Sonores uses the kinect energy generated by concertgoers’ dance movements to power itself. Essentially, the stage lighting is powered by the energy produced by the thumping and stamping of human feet on the dance floor. Imagine controlling the lighting and visuals of the concert based on how enthusiastically you dance.


The stage was put together by London based design studio “is this good?” in collaboration with Lyon based architects, Looking For Architecture (LFA). The stage is shaped like a pyramid with overhanging screens in the background. Concert goers have a dance floor facing the performers. The energy of people’s movement is measured using six surrounding Kinect cameras.


When people jump, move and dance harder or faster, the lights change according to the intensity of the dancers’ vigour. The lighting and visuals change according to the intensity of the dance movement. So the harder you party, dance and have fun, the more vivid your visual experience of the concert will be.

Check out photos and video of the interactive stage below:

Nuits Sonores //  “is this good?

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