Super-Efficient Car Gets More Than 1,000 Miles Per Gallon

Super-Efficient Car Gets More Than 1,000 Miles Per Gallon

The BYU Supermileage Vehicle only needs one gallon of fuel to travel from Utah to Michigan.

Emma Hutchings
  • 7 june 2013

The BYU Supermileage Vehicle, built by a group of engineering students, is a lightweight and aerodynamic vehicle that is just big enough to fit one person. It weighs 99 pounds and needs only one gallon of fuel to travel over 1,000 miles.

The car is competing in the SAE Supermileage Competition this weekend to determine the most fuel-efficient vehicle in North America. Every team gets around 20 grams of fuel to race around a 10 mile track. Each car has to average 15 mph during the run, and the fuel tank is then re-measured to see how much fuel was used so the judges can deduce the mpg capability.

Super-Efficient Car Gets More Than 1,000 Miles Per Gallon

To maximize fuel efficiency, the BYU team added ceramic insulation to the lawnmower engine they started with, and increased the 8-to-1 engine compression ratio to 14-to-1. They also made the engine fuel injected and modified it to be electronically controlled.

The BYU team finished in second place last year with a mark of 1,135 mpg. This year’s team is going for gold by focusing on increased engine efficiency and reduced weight. You can check out the Supermileage Vehicle in the video below:

BYU Supermileage Vehicle

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